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How much are manual claims processes costing you? Companies that switch from paper to digital claims saved $4.53/transaction, and the claims processing cycle was reduced by 2 weeks! Do you want to automate your processes, but don’t know how? Come learn how easy it is to “go digital”. Our patented artificial intelligence engine automatically sorts, routes, and classifies claims. Reduce manual processes, increase claim accuracy, and reduce costs!

OpenConnect is the leader in process intelligence and desktop analytics solutions that objectively identify and illuminate workforce activity, resulting in associated productivity gains. With OpenConnect's software robotic process automation, the costliest processes performed by a workforce can be automated. Combining unparalleled experience and solution capabilities, OpenConnect enables its clients to more quickly address and adapt to today's operational and competitive challenges, often summarized as accomplishing more with fewer resources. Learn more about OpenConnect and its products at www.oc.com